Subsurface Sampling

John Ausley
Director of Operations, Field Services

Phone: 405.283.0950

Mr. Ausley has been a part of the Enviro Clean family for 11 years. He currently serves as the Director of Operations for Field Services. He has a BBA from Bethany College.  

Brandon Griffith
Assistant Operations Manager, Field Services

Phone: 405.283.0975

Mr. Griffith has over 20 years of experience in waste management, project management and EH&S. 

Chris Schaefer, P.E.


Schaefer has served as a project hydrogeologist for a variety of environmental projects since entering the profession in 1991. He has worked extensively with local, state and federal agencies and regulators both as an employee and as a consultant. Responsibilities include permitting and providing oversight for corrective action at RCRA treatment, storage and disposal facilities. He was involved with corrective action at facilities responsible for the release of chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and pesticides into the environment.  Schaefer coordinates investigations and remedial activities with responsible parties, the environmental protection agency and other stake holders. 

Jonathan Behymer

 Phone: 405.990.4225

Mr. Behymer has over 22 years of professional sales and marketing experience. His responsibilities include developing sales opportunities and implementing the marketing and branding effort for the company. 

Bert J. Smith
Sr. Hydrogeologist

Phone: 405.701.8018

Mr. Smith is a dedicated professional with extensive environmental experience related to the development of unconventional shale oil/gas resources, including numerous projects evaluating methane stray gas complaints in the Utica and Marcellus shale plays.

Laurie Bennett
Environmental Specialist

Phone: 405.842.1066

Bennett has completed over 200 Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). These projects involved the identification of recognized environmental concerns associated with right-of-way acquisition, alignment alternatives, proposed design parameters, worker health/safety issues and construction methodologies. 

Altamira provides direct push probing services to the environmental industry. Our environmental and OSHA trained technicians operate the Terraprobe™  sampling system and are experienced in sampling soil, groundwater, and soil vapor, as well as delivering other specialty services.

The Terraprobe is a hydraulic probe, not an auger, and only brings the sample material to the surface, resulting in minimal cuttings for disposal. The Terraprobe’s mobility, versatility, and flexibility, along with its tough dependable design, consistently prove that it is the fastest, most efficient tool in subsurface sampling.

Utilizing this premier system, Altamira can collect samples in the most difficult locations, such as rough terrain and environmentally sensitive areas. We can enter difficult sites that truck-mounted probes and drill rigs simply cannot access. Additionally, the Terraprobe™ has proven to be extremely successful when used inside buildings where low overhead and tight areas may cause problems. The system fits through most standard doorways and drives right onto freight elevators in order to get into basements and cut through two feet of concrete to obtain samples.

Altamira offers support in the following areas of service:
• Phase II investigations
• Soil and groundwater plume delineation
• Underground storage tank (UST) suspicion of release sampling
• Injection borings and systems

      o ORC injection
      o Microbe aerobic – anaerobic
• Sampling services for geotechnical borings
• Continuous-core soil sampling
• Groundwater sampling
• Soil vapor surveys/sampling and methane implants
• Installing piezometers and air sparging borings
• Temporary monitoring wells Bottom line, Altamira can get your samples where and when you need them.

Probe Specifications

The mobile platform is the Honda H5518A-4 which is engineered and designed to provide dual PTO power to the Terraprobe sampling system.
• 18 HP liquid-cooled, twin cylinder, overhead cam engine
• 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering
• Gear-driven transmission provides eight forward speeds and four reverse speeds
• Terraprobe percussion hammer – Stanley S-K 58
• Hammer delivers 1800 blows per minute @ 2000 psi
• Hydraulics deliver 2500 psi @ 2800 rpm
• Dimensions: 96” length, 42” width, 70” height
• Overall net weight: 1,660 lbs.
• Platform feet and mast retract for easy transport
• Terraprobe has 10,000 lbs. pulling capacity for
tool retrieval
• 12-gallon hydraulic reservoir complete with cooler and high cfm cooling fan to maintain hydraulic efficiency
• PTO driven, high-pressure water pump for on-site
decontamination system
• PTO driven, air pump providing high-pressure air for pressure grouting system
• OSHA compliance on all safety features and
auto shutoffs

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