John Ausley
Director of Operations, Field Services


Phone: 405.283.0950

Mr. Ausley has been a part of the Enviro Clean family for 11 years. He currently serves as the Director of Operations for Field Services. He has a BBA from Bethany College.  

John Ausley
Director of Operations, Field Services


Phone: 405.283.0950

Brandon Griffith
Assistant Operations Manager, Field Services


Phone: 405.283.0975

Mr. Griffith has over 20 years of experience in waste management, project management and EH&S. 

Jonathan Behymer


 Phone: 405.990.4225

Mr. Behymer has over 22  years of professional sales and marketing experience. His responsibilities include developing sales opportunities and implementing the marketing and branding effort for the company. 

Melissa Adler-McKibben
Regulatory Specialist


McKibben has over 14 years of environmental experience. Project experience has included extensive work within ODEQ departments including: the Electronic Waste Program, Office of External Affairs, Solid Waste Compliance Unit, Pollution Prevention, Waste Tire Program, and Product Stewardship Institute State Liaison.

From prevention to clean up, we have the skills and technology to help you navigate the environmental risks inherent in your industry.


We can help you prevent potential waste hazards, devise effective disposal strategies, and address emergency situations when they happen. Our experience—combined with our relationships with multiple disposal and recycling facilities—enables us to offer safe and cost-effective disposal solutions for a variety of specialized needs, including handling routine and specialized waste streams.


Since waste disposal costs can be difficult to track and control, we can help you reduce your expenses and benefit from the cost efficiencies of our larger scale waste disposal services.

We offer support in the following areas of service:

  • Permit Preparation Technical Assistance

  • Regulatory Negotiation Technical Support

  • Corrective Action Support

    • Initial Site Assessment

    • Site Characterization

    • Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives

    • Remedy Implementation

    • Long-term Care

  • Regulatory Reporting Support

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