Due Diligence

We perform environmental due diligence services for property purchasers, operators, and sellers--for single sites and multiple sites, in support of acquisitions, mergers, divestitures and internal asset valuations.


Environmental due diligence services include: 

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
• Phase II Investigations
• Potential Environmental Liability Estimates
• HSE Integration Assessments

Phase I ESAs
A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a non-intrusive evaluation of a property to determine if there are potential pre-existing environmental impairments.  It involves visiting and observing the property, reviewing regulatory findings, interviewing occupants and neighbors, and evaluating historical records, photos, and maps. 

Phase I ESAs are conducted to identify potential environmental liabilities that can be part of a property transaction.  Our professionals have assessed millions of acres of oil and gas properties. Thorough assessment = risk management.

Phase II Investigations
If a Phase I ESA indicates there is a strong likelihood that a property has been environmentally impacted, samples of soil, water, groundwater, or vapor can be collected to gain more insight about the property's condition.  The investigation may also include building material assessments.

Potential Liability Estimates
The environmental health of a property or corporate entity affects its value.  Altamira has the experience and tools to calculate the range of potential liabilities and match a value with your risk tolerance.   

HSE Integration Assessments
For corporate acquisitions, it is important to understand synergies and differences of legacy Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) cultures and management systems. Altamira's experienced staff of environmental, safety, management, and IT professionals can help you identify your best path forward.

Altamira's proprietary GIS dashboard provides real time status of due diligence progress and provides summary data on due diligence results.

Other Asset Management Services
Altamira can also provide interactive asset management data and document systems that allow for real-time review of current and past environmental data and reports.  Delivery of these systems can be integrated with our due diligence services or developed independently.


Mr. Behymer has over 22 years of professional sales and marketing experience. His responsibilities include developing sales opportunities and implementing the marketing and branding effort for the company. 

Jonathan Behymer


Phone: 405.990.4225

Chris Schaefer, P.E.



Laurie Bennett
Environmental Specialist


Phone: 405.842.1066

Ms. Bennett has completed over 200 Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). These projects involved the identification of recognized environmental concerns associated with right-of-way acquisition, alignment alternatives, proposed design parameters, worker health/safety issues and construction methodologies. 

Mr. Schaefer has served as a project hydrogeologist for a variety of environmental projects since entering the profession in 1991. He has worked extensively with local, state and federal agencies and regulators both as an employee and as a consultant. Responsibilities include permitting and providing oversight for corrective action at RCRA treatment, storage and disposal facilities. 

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