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Altamira’s integrated technical team supports our clients in maintaining asset integrity and achieving regulatory compliance.  Our Company Integrity Compliance Program (CICP) approach integrates a client’s policies and procedures with industry standards and regulatory requirements.  Our team of professionals have extensive experience in:


Pipeline and Facility Management:

  • Customized Integrity and Compliance Programs

  • OSHA – Process Safety Management (PSM)

  • EPA – Risk Management Program (RMP)

  • DOT – Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS)

  • DOT- Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and State Agency Regulated Programs

    • Gap and Health Assessments

    • Internal / External Compliance Audits

    • Contractor Compliance Reviews and/or Audits

    • Process Hazard Analysis & Re-validation (PHA/PHR) - Facilitate and/or Scribe:

  • Qualitative / Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

  • Hazards Identification (Design Review)

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

  • Process Hazard Re-validation (PHR)

  • Facility Siting

  • Human Factors Checklist

  • Pipeline / Facility Materials and Records Verification


Process and Drawing Development:

  • Process Safety Information (PSI)

  • Plant Drawings (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams and Alignment Sheets)

  • Development, Walkdown (Redline) & Comment Resolution

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)

  • Block Flow Diagrams (BFD)

  • Number / Tag Valves, Instruments and Equipment

  • Develop Site Specific Plot Plan to Scale

  • Develop Safety Equipment Plot Plan to Scale

  • Develop Electrical One-lines

  • Develop Electrical Classification

  • Comment Resolutions of Plant Drawings

  • Pipeline / Facility FEED

  • Pipeline / Facility Design

  • As-Builts / CADD

Procedure and Program Development:

  • Facility Cause and Effects Matrix

  • Operating Procedures

  • Safe Work Practices (Maintenance Procedures)

  • Safe Work Practices (Instrumentation Procedures)

  • Safe Work Practices (Controller Procedures)

  • Isolation Worksheets [Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)]

    • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Manuals (Gas/Liquids)

    • Operator Qualification (OQ) Programs

    • Emergency Planning and Response Programs

    • Public Education / Awareness Programs

Pipeline and Facility Integrity Programs:

  • Facility Mechanical Integrity Program (FMIP)

  • Identification of Critical Equipment by Type

  • Equipment Worksheet Development

  • Equipment Baseline Establishment

  • Define Testing and Inspection Frequency Program

  • Pipeline Integrity Management Plan (IMP)


Training Qualification Program (Site-specific):

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

  • Employee Training Trackers (TT)

  • Plant Site-specific Training Modules (Operating Processes)

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training Modules

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualification Training Modules


Other Activities:

  • Develop Engineering Standards i.e., Construction, Repair and Welding Specifications

  • API-752 / 753, Facility Siting Studies

  • API-500, Plant Ventilation Study

  • NFPA 70E, Arc Flash Study

  • Plant Bulk Inventory Worksheet Development

  • Company Technical Program Due Diligence


“Highly recommend this group. I have utilized this Integrity/Compliance Group for many years.  They are compliance professionals that execute a comprehensive integrity/compliance program and/or processes that have been field tested against applicable regulatory requirements and company expectations to identify and remediate compliance risks.  This team brought an unmatched expertise and attention to detail to our company that we have never had or experienced from any other contractor.”

“Having concerns and not fully understanding the requirements associated with our Plant’s PSM Compliance Audit Program and Process, my management team hired Altamira’s Integrity/Compliance Group.  They walked me through the regulatory requirements in documenting all PSM Program Elements from start to finish.  I never expected them to sit side-by-side with me and make sure I not only understood what was expected of me (my Roles and Responsibilities) but also, completed and closed all identified Action Items and deficiencies that were identified.  We passed our PSM Compliance Audit with “No Findings” and one minor recommendation. I am in a much better position now because of them.”

“Altamira’s team has been a value-added resource for our Company Compliance Program Development.  The team generated our Plant’s Compliance Programs and qualified (trained) all personnel with the new Company format.  All of the Altamira personnel have been great to work with.  Our Company team has had nothing but positive feedback and stated this was the best training they have ever attended.”

Peter B. Paulette
Senior Project Manager – Integrity / Compliance

Phone: 713.598.0319

Colby Lowrie
Gulf Coast Manager
Phone: 979.373.8897
Andres Moreno
Project Manager – Integrity / Compliance
Phone: 956.202.1684
Trey A. Whitley, P.E.
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 713.249.0399
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